The PB&J Punch List

The PB&J Punch List is the same set of lists that you talk about constantly! Everyone talks about their favorite: SHOWS that they are watching, MOVIES that they have seen, MUSIC that they are listening to, BOOKS that they are reading (hopefully!) and DRINKS that they love! We keep the show to around 30 minutes so you can get in and get out with just enough info! Join us and add to your list!

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Career change part 2

Monday Jul 15, 2019

Monday Jul 15, 2019

Part 2 of our career change convo.
Why are so many people having to change their field of work?
Why is it happening mid way through their career.
A big topic that affects us all.
We've had great feedback on part 1 and here is the continuation.
Make a change in your day and take a break with us for 30 minutes.
Thanks for listening!

Friday Jul 05, 2019

Middle age?
Mid life?
Can you reinvent yourself?
Can you jump start your career?
Have you hit a high point?
Is there contentment in the journey or should you keep striving for a higher goal?
We discuss and you should listen!

Social (Media) Studies

Thursday Apr 25, 2019

Thursday Apr 25, 2019

Social Media is now firmly planted in our lives.
Is that for the better?
Or is it worse?
Have your social media habits evolved?
Are you continually in search of the latest app that will keep you connected?
It has affected us and we share how and why.
Put your phone down (as you listen to this episode ) and take a break from your feeds....

Special guest DJ Ian McCain

Saturday Jan 12, 2019

Saturday Jan 12, 2019

We are excited to have our good friend Ian McCain on the show!
He continues to host a show on 102.1 in Milwaukee but he took time out to share some great stories from his career in radio. Join us as we discuss music, good drinks and a hilarious story about his interaction with a well known lead singer.
Thanks for listening!

Year End thoughts

Monday Dec 31, 2018

Monday Dec 31, 2018

It's the end of a crazy year...
We look back and some of things that have kept us occupied, entertained and that have quenched our thirst!
Join us for a quick recap and then let's start the new year in fine fashion!
Thanks for listening!

Punch List takes over!

Friday Nov 02, 2018

Friday Nov 02, 2018

Our "Punch List" takes over the episode!
Join us as we discuss our favorite shows, music, books, and of course drinks for the week.
We all have a Punch List, so see how yours compares!
Thanks for listening!

Tuesday Oct 09, 2018

Has your relationship with sports changed?
Was it hot and heavy in the beginning and has your relationship evolved?
Is the spark gone?
Has it turned into a different kind of relationship?
More mature?
A deeper appreciation or is it frustration?
We discuss and you should listen!

Monday Sep 03, 2018

We could talk for hours about our favorite meals and palces to eat.
Instead we will tackle what we can in 30 minutes.
Join us but don't do it on an empty stomach.

Monday Aug 06, 2018

Hall of Fame entry?
Award shows?
How does one get nominated?
How does someone win?
Does it mean anything anymore?
We discuss and you should join us.
By the way, we have NOT been nominated for either...

Monday Jul 23, 2018

Who are the bands or artists that you go to when you want to listen to something?
Has the list of bands changed over the years?
As you grow out of your teens and twenties your music "go to's" may evolve.
Ours have.
You may be surprised.
Join us for a quick conversation.



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