The PB&J Punch List

The PB&J Punch List is the same set of lists that you talk about constantly! Everyone talks about their favorite: SHOWS that they are watching, MOVIES that they have seen, MUSIC that they are listening to, BOOKS that they are reading (hopefully!) and DRINKS that they love! We keep the show to around 30 minutes so you can get in and get out with just enough info! Join us and add to your list!

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Thanksgiving Punch List!

Monday Nov 22, 2021

Monday Nov 22, 2021

It's the debut as we transition to our new format!
The Punch List was the most popular portion of the show so moving forward we will be the PB&J Punch List!
A quick 30 minute listen will have you comparing your Thanksgiving Punch List with ours! We cover the food, drink, TV, music and everything else that you are about to experience. Download the show and listen as you head over to your feast!

Jesse and Ida

Saturday Oct 16, 2021

Saturday Oct 16, 2021

We are back! New season, new stories!
We kick off and hear how Jesse dealt with hurricane Ida.
She was rough, and we will hear how he dealt with it in the moment.
Season 6 is here and you should be too!

Troublin' Times

Monday Jun 08, 2020

Monday Jun 08, 2020

It has been nonstop with events that continue to impact all of us.
We discuss the protests, as well as the virus (yes, it is still around) and give a quick take.
We wrap up with the Punch List, the things we have been watching, listening to, reading and drinking!
Take a minute to join us!

Thursday Apr 30, 2020

Get your affairs in order.
Sounds so serious.
Well, it is, but we tend to put it off because we think we have time later.
We have faced some personal losses and it prompted us to talk about what we did to prepare.
Join us. It will get you thinking.

Tuesday Mar 31, 2020

On lock down?
The damned virus is affecting us all. We don't go crazy with info on this show, instead we touch on how things are affecting us.
And of course we break into the Punch List too!
Take a break, from your break and listen in!

Wednesday Feb 26, 2020

Do you have a "bucket list?"
It gets talked about often, but have you actually made one?
We have and we discuss.
Put us on your list and take a listen.

Get me to a doctor...

Tuesday Dec 17, 2019

Tuesday Dec 17, 2019

Have you had any medical "challenges?"
Any medical setbacks?
Okay, that's the nice way of asking if you have had any issues due to aging or good old genetics.
We have, since we are human after all.
We discuss and you should listen.
It is a healing podcast...

Sunday Oct 13, 2019

Ellen went to a football game.
She sat next to George W.
She explained why.
And then things got interesting...
Who should be a voice for specific causes?
Why do we continually draw a line in the sand over issues?
Is there no room for a healthy discussion with differing views?
We discuss and it is good.
Join us!

Sunday Oct 06, 2019

Make your list for the day!
Journal how your day went!
Okay, maybe just use a Post It note to remember....
Do you make a daily list?
Are you a person that journals?
We discuss our successes and frequent failures in trying to stay organized.
Put the show at the top of your list and enjoy!

Fears and how they change

Tuesday Jul 30, 2019

Tuesday Jul 30, 2019

You mean fears of spiders and snakes?
Yes, but also how fears change as you grow up.
Some stay the same and others creep in for different reasons.
Don't be afraid of joining us for a quick listen!
I am fearful of what may happen if you don't!



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